King Soopers and Safeway Gift Card Reward Fundraiser

King Soopers and Safeway Gift Card Reward Fundraiser

No Cost Fundraiser for  Tozer and Mountain View!


Tozer and Mountain View will be participating in the Safeway Community Giving Card program and the King Soopers Neighborhood Reward Program!

With these programs you can use a reloadable gift card to earn 5% of all your gas and  grocery purchases at Safeway or King Soopers for the school.  

It’s simple to do, just load any amount, up to $500, on your card prior to ringing up your groceries  and then use the reloadable gift card to pay for your groceries or gas  (the cards will not work when buying other gift cards).  

The grocery stores then gives us 5% of what’s loaded on to the gift cards!  

So your $500 a month of gas and groceries can mean $25 for the school every month  and it costs the school and our families nothing!

 We will have cards available at Mornings with Mom , Donuts with Dads or in the office. 

You can contact Tozer at 686-8400 or Mountain View at 686-8300 if you have questions.

 The cards will have $5 already loaded on them so you will need to pay $5 to get a card  but that $5 is on the card ready to spend for groceries or gas.

Please help support our schools with this fundraiser!!  Thank you!!